Getting OpenDCRE

OpenDCRE’s source can be found on GitHub, where the OpenDCRE Docker image will need to be built. Alternatively, a pre-built OpenDCRE image can be downloaded from DockerHub.

Building from Source

Once the OpenDCRE source code is downloaded (either via git clone, or downloaded zip), a Docker image can be built. No additional changes are required to the source for a complete, functioning image, but customizations can be included in the image, e.g. the inclusion of site-specific TLS certificates, nginx configurations for authn/authz, etc.

The included dockerfile can be used to package up the distribution:

docker build -t opendcre:custom-v1.3.0 -f dockerfile/Dockerfile.x64 .

A Makefile recipe also exists to build the OpenDCRE image and tag it as vaporio/opendcre-<arch>:1.3, where <arch> specifies the architecture (e.g., x64). For the x64 architecture, this recipe is:

make x64

If building a custom image, apply whatever tag is most descriptive for that image.

At this point, OpenDCRE can be tested (see Testing) and run (see Running OpenDCRE) to ensure the build was successful.

Downloading from DockerHub

If no changes are needed to the source, the pre-packed version can be used. It can be downloaded from DockerHub simply with

docker pull vaporio/opendcre:1.3.0


Updating OpenDCRE is as simple as building a new image from source, or pulling a new image down from DockerHub.